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Driftwood & Sage

is a Woman-owned Business

Herb Infused Oils
Come Clean with Us

My mission is simple: I strive to make the best product on the market by using only the finest and most wholesome ingredients.


My goal is to build lasting relationships with my customers, as well as my local community, by crafting a superior product and providing outstanding customer service.


I firmly believe that my products must never contain any ingredients that could potentially harm the environment.

A little about me and my Soaps

My name is Brenda and I am the owner of Driftwood and Sage Soaps! After I purchased my first bar of hand made soap years ago.. I knew I was hooked! Even when I didn't have a lot of extra money to spend, I would allow myself the luxury of that bar of soap! Then one day I decided to make my own soap, first as a hobby then it became my business. That was 20 yrs ago!


What makes my homemade soap truly unique?  It’s exactly the fact that it’s made by hand! My Artisan natural soaps are made from scratch, utilizing what is commonly known as the cold process method. They are made in small batches so that it is easier to ensure that high quality is maintained. I start with food-grade oils and then add pure essential oils, rich moisturizing oils and butters, fresh herbs and clay. The process takes between 4 – 6 weeks on average for a batch of soap to fully mature. Each and every bar is cut, and packaged by hand.

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Chemical Free

Many of the commercial soaps that are sold in grocery and retail stores aren’t really soap at all.  They are actually nothing but detergent! They are full of chemicals and sulfates that can be harmful to you rather than natural fats and oils which are not. Natural soaps are plenty good for your skin because they contain glycerin, a natural humectant (moisturizer), which remains in the soap as a result of our unique crafting process

Natural Ingredients

Each of my soap bar recipes begins with a special blend of nutrient-rich, skin-nourishing certified organic oils.    Inspired by my love of gardening, I make each soap bar unique by adding a variety of organic butters, purifying natural clay, organic herbs, seeds, grains, spices, flowers, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, and pure botanical essential oils to provide natural color, aromatherapy, texture, and gentle exfoliation.

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